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Manik Engineers valves continue to conquer new countries

Manik Engineers has been manufacturing controls and control valves for refrigeration automation since 1978.

Manik Engineers products are well known and in demand in India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Burma and almost all countries of the African continent.
Recently, Manik Engineers fittings have been supplied and gaining popularity in Australia. Congratulations to our partners on expanding the geography of supplies!

On the photo - a Frick compressor unit with installed Manik Engineers fittings

at one of the industrial sites in Australia.

In Russia, you can purchase shut-off and control valves, as well as control and measuring instruments from Manik Engineers through Tobol LLC, the official dealer of Manik Engineers in the CIS countries.

We will advise, select, supply and install any range of fittings at enterprises in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries.

We carry out turnkey projects of any complexity!

Please contact ved@tobol-omsk.ru for additional information.